Bournemouth Islamic Centre

The centre is established to promote the benefit of the Muslim community in Bournemouth by promoting religion, advancing education, relieving poverty and distress and by providing facilities for protection of health and recreation with the aim of improving the conditions of life of the community.

The centre operates for the benefit of all Muslims irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, country of origin or age. At present those who use the centre

What We Do

  1. Seperate Prayer Rooms for Men & Women

  2. Seperate facility to perform Wadhu for Men & Women

  3. Quranic courses for adults(both men & Women) as well as children

  4. Islamic knowledge provided to anyone intrested (including New muslims, Non-muslims)

  5. Provides a service to schools for Religious Education

  6. Provides information to people about Dorset

  7. Provide Social activities and support to local Muslim community

  8. Marriage, divorce, death services

  9. Parties during Islamic Festivals & special occasions etc.

  10. Contributes to the Dorset Community in general, by providing awareness of the Muslim community in Bournemouth and providing support and a contact point for both Muslims and local agencies.


Call us:

01202 557072

Find us: 

4 St Stephen's Rd, Bournemouth BH2 6JJ